16MP autofocus camera module for Raspberry Pi

Arducam has launched its first Kickstarter project, a 16MP autofocus-equipped camera module for Raspberry Pi. The 16MP high-res AF camera module fits all Raspberry Pi models and offers twice the resolution of the v2 camera module and 40% higher resolution than the HQ camera.

The new Arducam 16MP camera module is the same size as the V1 and V2 cameras for Raspberry Pi but now includes autofocus. The camera uses the 16MP Sony IMX519 image sensor, whereas the V2 uses the IMX219, and the HQ uses the IMX477. The IMX519 sensor can record FHD video at up to 30p and can record 720/120p video, too. Unfortunately, 4K video is unavailable as the Raspberry Pi itself is a bottleneck for the sensor to produce 4K video.

[High Resolution Autofocus Camera Module for Raspberry Pi by Arducam — Kickstarter]

Arducam has already in its offer several “Pivariety” camera 16 or 21 MP. But be careful, these cameras are only usable with the new libcamera (see the posts about it) and Linux drivers provided by Arducam, so it might not be so easy.