3D printed housing?

Since the development of a standalone Super8 scanner is faster than expected thanks to the help and software of Manuel Angel, it was high time to look for a suitable housing.
Since nothing is final in terms of setup, I was looking for a flexible solution. I’m not a technician, but the system profiles seemed like a nice solution. Since I recently ‘built’ a Prusa i3 MK3S it seemed natural to me to print these profiles. The photo shows a part of 30x60x17mm.
Is it sturdy? It was no problem at all to carry my weight of 84 kilos!
Does it take a long time to print? About an hour and a half for every centimeter.

Can I ask where you got the file from.

Not really. My own Super-8 scanner is fully 3D-printed, but if you walk in the room where the scanner is operating, you get noticeable motion blur on the scan result, perfectly synced to your footsteps.

The reason for that is that plastic is too flexible; at least the mounts between the film frame and the camera you want to have as rigid as possible. Plastic simply does not work here. For the rest of the setup, plastic is usable.

The system profiles cannot be printed on the Prusa i3 MK3S+ in the height that I need.
So I made a combination of the outside of the housing made of aluminum system profiles and the inside of 3D printed material.
And the whole feels very sturdy.