800 cans of 35 mm


Hi, I recently “inherited” approx 800 cans of 35 mm color and black and white film. I don’t have time to build a scanner, nor the money to have any of it scanned professionally. I would like to be added to a list of people who wish to purchase a 35mm scanner if one becomes available. Thanks.


That sounds like one heck of an inheritance @Motes. Any idea what’s in the cans?

I can add you to our mailing list for updates. Send a quick email over to info@kinograph.cc and I"ll add you.

To be honest, we’re looking at another 9-12 months before V2 is totally finished. It’s painstaking work when you only have the occasional half a Saturday to work on it.



Hi Matthew,

I have no idea really, but I’ll send you more info in the email.