800 cans of 35 mm

Hi, I recently “inherited” approx 800 cans of 35 mm color and black and white film. I don’t have time to build a scanner, nor the money to have any of it scanned professionally. I would like to be added to a list of people who wish to purchase a 35mm scanner if one becomes available. Thanks.

That sounds like one heck of an inheritance @Motes. Any idea what’s in the cans?

I can add you to our mailing list for updates. Send a quick email over to info@kinograph.cc and I"ll add you.

To be honest, we’re looking at another 9-12 months before V2 is totally finished. It’s painstaking work when you only have the occasional half a Saturday to work on it.


Hi Matthew,

I have no idea really, but I’ll send you more info in the email.


Motes, any updates on your collection? Now that some time has passed have you been able to go through it and catalogue? Any closer to scanning some of it?
I ask because I have a similar situation where I have suddenly acquired a ton of films - both a blessing and a curse…
My collection is about 1300 16mm films and a few 35mm thrown in for good measure. Most of of it is cartoons. Quite honestly, Popeye can go to hell for all I care. Do you know how many crappy 60’s Popeye films I have? A heck of a lot! There are some gems throughout the entire collection but of course there is the good, the bad and the ugly. What is your experience? Would love to hear it.