Affordable Rollers

Does anyone have advice on the most affordable way to get rollers printed? I’ve requested quotes from several places and the cheapest was $21K USD for a single roller. I only requested quotes for liquid resin processes so I do expect I could get a much cheaper price by someone with a fused depositing type printer. I haven’t had good results with those so I wanted to see what else I could find.

If someone knows of a good place and the total cost then I would appreciate it. I’m only interested in 8mm film and for the moment I’m experimenting with making my own rollers with off the shelf plastic and a lathe.


$21K? As in $21,000? That seems ridiculous. What was the source?

A word of caution if you’re using my roller design - it was never tested with 8mm on a working machine. :grimacing:

If the shape is simple, I would recommend trying 3D Hubs or similar local networks of user-owned 3D printers. There might be folks near you with a FormLab printer with resin. You could also check out Shapeways.

Yes on the price. I can get them for $32 each on shapeways which is still a bit much for my budget. I’ll keep experimenting with some off the shelf parts to see if I can find a cheaper solution. I already have something that might work but I need to test it. Worst case I’ll modify your design for 8mm only.

Speaking of the rollers… Why doesn’t it have a sprocket rollers for 8mm? just for 16 and 35mm has it.

Good question, @AstroZombie. While 8mm was originally part of the plan, it was later dropped when I decided to make a separate machine for 8mm (which I’ll start on after I finish the 35/16 machine).