Blackmagic cintel

even though it’s impressive in its pricepoint, the lack of camera reposition in my mind makes it a pointless purchase… and as far as modular design, i wonder if they plan on upgrading their camera or introduction camera repositioning in a later model? If they did couple things then all of a sudden the price point becomes doable and possibly a smart move for someone wanting to get into dailies market.

I wonder WHY they didn’t’ include a camera repositioning feature… Seems like such a basic need…

I just bought a Filmfabriek HDS+ scanner (picking it up in January). It’s 4K, and the camera can be repositioned. Plus it has a wet gate feature that eliminates many of the vertical lines on older prints. It is $10K more than the Cintel scanner, but you’ve already pointed out why it’s not a good buy.

The Cintel scanner was on my list of scanner options, but the fixed camera + the use of a sprocket gear guaranteed that I would never buy this scanner. (I have a lot of old, shrunken film that would get mauled by a sprocket-based scanner.)

It’s expensive. The Scanstation Personal has a fixed camera as well. The cameras in scanners have a very shallow focus, if you move the camera you need to focus the lens as well - all controlled by software, and it all adds to the costs. A malfunctioning scanner with an adjustable lens can be permanently out of focus until it gets serviced by the company’s technician - a fixed camera doesn’t have this problem.

The sprocket transport on the Cintel isn’t the problem. Many of the best scanners in the world come with them - like the Arri XT, it has two film transports for each format sprocket-driven or sprocket-less. If your film is in that condition it definitely won’t scan too well on the Cintel anyway so it’s a wash really. The Cintel wants brand new negative film and not much else from what I’ve been told.