Choosing a Camera-- Best Choice under $1000?

I see that several folks have Blackfly cameras. I am looking to purchase one as well.

It looks like the choices are between Global and Rolling shutters, with the choice going to Global.

Amongst the global shutter cameras we have several resolutions available at my price point. Is there any reason not to buy the higher res camera, which is the “BFS-U3-50S5C-C: 5.0 MP, 35 FPS, Sony IMX264, Color” pixel count is 2448 × 2048

Second choice is the “BFS-U3-32S4C-C: 3.2 MP, 118 FPS, Sony IMX252, Color” with a pixel count of 2048 × 1536

Is there any reason NOT to go with the 50S5C? Are there any better choices out there anywhere?

Use case is for R8/S8, primarily R8, as the Spirit does S8 already. I have a nice lens system in C-mount, so either of these should work for that. And building a new mount and trigger for use on a Spirit TK chassis.

Thanks, Grace McKay

Sounds like a fun project! Would love to see the results when you’re done. I can’t think of a reason NOT to go for the one with a better sensor and more pixels. It won’t go as fast as the other one, but it seems to handle enough fps for your application.

Thanks for the reply, Matthew. I hope to post a few pictures and videos when I get it going. The trigger is the Keyence system I described before. I see in your recent video you are going to try it as well.

I hope for a few more replies to this thread before I pull the trigger on the purchase of the camera.

They have the same pixel size so it’s worth more pixels

Haven’t tried the black fly- but make sure when you order it from flir you specify you need the trigger cable accessory - it was an extra $100 postage to get the 10c cable sent out it Australia after I realised it doesn’t come standard with the camera - they are interesting cameras that’s for sure - and make sure you plug it into a fast USB3 port to get the data flowing nicely

Thanks for your replies, guys. Appreciate the reminder about the cable, I had forgotten about it. I will check to make sure I order all of the accessories that I will need.

Just ordered. Updates to follow…

Hi there @vintagefilm. Just checking in on your progress. Have you had a chance to try the camera and/or sensor?

I have. I have the camera mounted and most of the basic design laid out. I have been meaning to post some pictures here. So I will…soon…

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