Circuit Components/Diode

Hi All, I’ve been working on my Kinograph for about six months now, but am new to the group. I am currently working on the electrical part of the design and am working off the schematics that are posted to the Instructables web site. According to the schematics, there is a diode connecting from the transistor to the 12v motor. In the parts list there is no information on a diode but in the schematic the diode is described as a “N400 Diode”. I am a novice when it comes to electronic (am always trying to learn more) and have not found anything when searching for a Diode that fits this description. I have come across many that are similar to the 1N4001 type in my search, but the values seem off, and I don’t know quite enough about electronics to figure out what is the best fit for the electrical system. I am hoping to find some advise or information on finding the correct diode. Thank you so much for taking the time to help and/or offer advice. Cheers-Adam

Apologies for not including that information. You can find that diode here on Sparkfun. I’ll edit the parts list immediately.