Digitizing Super8 sound movies

I am quite interested in building a system that would allow me to digitize Super8 sound movies myself. Any advice on hardware and software components will be very appreciated

Sorry for the late response. There are a million ways to accomplish what you are after. Have you given any thought as to any guidelines that you may have? When I say that I am mostly referring to what would dictate the manner in which you want to accomplish this, in other words is Cost the driving force, or Quality, Experience, etcetera, are you wanting to do it professionally or just for the films you have laying around the house?

Personally I am on a tight budget, so I built one similar to you will find in this post (if you haven’t seen it already), except a cheaper, My rpiTelecine Machine (based on jas8mm's design) . Although this route is not for the person that doesn’t want to pull his hair out on an occasion.

There are advantages and disadvantages to almost every unit out there. If you wish to elaborate a little more I am sure that myself or someone else could point you in the basic direction if nothing else.