DIY 16/35mm scanner by Matteo Ricchetti

The builder of this machine reached out over Facebook to share some ideas. He said it would be okay if I posted pics of his scanner here. He asked also to link his Vimeo account where you can see his scans:

In case you want to download the pics and zoom in, here’s a zip on my Dropbox.

Below is also a transcript of our exchange.

Hi Matteo,

Thanks for giving me your email and sharing your build with me. I was very impressed with your scanner. Great build!

1 - Are you using a Blackmagic camera? What is the setup for that? Did you have to buy a special lens?

2 - It looks like an Arduino setup, am I right? So you are sensing the holes in the film and then triggering the camera manually to take 1 picture for every film frame?

3 - What happens if there is a missing or damaged hole? What happens if the sensor does not detect a hole correctly?

Thank you very much! I think the people on the Kinograph forums would love to see pictures of your build. Would you like to post it there? If you’d rather, I could post it for you…but only if you are okay with it. I’ve attached the pictures I got from your Facebook in case that helps.


Hi Matthew
I try to answer your qestion

  1. Yes I am useing Blackmagic camera, I don’ undertand what you mean about setup, My scanner is realtime the camera is Master and the motor (Trough Arduino and a PID program I wrote follow the camera, I extract the vertical synch from the HDMI video signal)

  2. the LED is flashed, and all is made in Hardware, software enve with an’ARM is too slow and it will ccreate jitter, I strobe the light source wit a pulse of 10 microsec and i must be very very ready to the holo to not have unsteadyness

  3. by now I don’t care aboute damaged holes, they can be recoverde with a pll on the strobed light, but this is not a priority for me now.

yes you can upload the imagese, and thanks for having collect by yourself, I’ll be happy if you link my Vimeo pages as well where there are a lot of scans
thanks, and feel free to aks if you need

bye, Matteo