Existing Film Scanning Machines


Bob is indeed right. I’m currently testing the beta software, and the stabilisation works without the laser and generally much better.

Matthew - in the new software you mark an area that you define as the “active” pattern search area. Kinetta then compares this pattern to the current pattern, and guesstimates the proper framing. In my limited experience so far this works very well, incl. missing/torn sprockets.


This link will probably disappear in the future, when revisions are made (I’m part of Barbara Flückiger’s research team). A more lasting link is:


I think the word you are looking for is “calculates.”


Thanks Martin. Very informative links.


Thanks for that explanation. Sounds like an additional camera. I wonder how this impacts the processing power needed to run the machine and the overall cost.


The processing is done inside a PC; we have a ~5k camera, with the old software we could run at max 12 fps, now it is 9.75 fps with the new algorithm.