How to use the forums

This is a place for people interested in participating in the development of the Kinograph project - an open source film scanning hardware/software platform.

What is it for?
These forums are about sharing information - ideas, designs, code, contacts - anything that helps us get closer to digitizing films with affordable open source tools.

Topics you’ll find here:

  • Mechanical Design
  • Software Design
  • Grants and Funding
  • General Discussion on archiving, access, and film collections.

How to use this forum
Forums can be confusing to use sometimes. This one is built with “Discourse.” I have made a quick intro video on how to use it, which appears below. I hope it’s helpful.

Comments or suggestions regarding this site should be posted in reply to this thread. Please don’t forget to add the Category “Site Feedback.”

If you have a need to contact me directly, use this email address:

Now go dive in!

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Is there BOM anywhere? drawings? I’m interesting in bulding one.

Check for the previous version of Kingraph. It has links to the BOM, assembly instructions, software, etc.

Those plans are no longer being supported, however. It was meant as a proof-of-concept only. It does work, but is not suited for use outside of a test environment (meaning I had to fix it all the time).

This site’s purpose is to gather information to be used in the building of the next prototype.