Greetings from apertus°

Just a quick hello.

Kinograph is a great project.

We’ve been building an open source digital cinema camera for a few years. It’s possible that one of them may be being used for some Kinograph research.

@matthewepler - Manual has recently been updated here - AXIOM Beta/Manual - apertus wiki

Any pictures would be very well received.

Hope to test with your Beta camera in a couple of months!

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How’s it going Matthew? Did you manage to get some photographs of the Beta installed, and working possibly?

I wish! I haven’t had a chance to try out the Beta yet. But I could feasibly do some tests triggering the camera manually from the GPIO this weekend. Has anything changed on the firmware that I should know about? Updates needed, etc?

I’ll have to dig up the instructions you sent me for getting the GPIO trigger and single-frame capture working.

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Should imagine the time to update would be after the gsoc period ends. Six students this year so lots being worked on.

The apertus seems like a great camera for film scanning. Would you need an optical lowpass filter in front of sensor when scanning film or is it ok standalone without one (in current beta form) - interested in giving it a try on my scanner.

Hi Robin.

I’m afraid I’m not sure if an OLPF is required for scanning, perhaps Matthew would be the best man to answer that, but:

Research of OLPF is an open task and progress reports can be reviewed here

“in current beta form”

Please note: The name AXIOM ‘Beta’ is purely indicative of the fact that this is the second device that we’ve embarked upon (We intend to go through the Greek alphabet like that) and doesn’t suggest that the camera is a prototype of sorts.

Aside from this, all related documentation surrounding the camera can be found here

Anything you need let me know,


Edit - From my colleague “I would give an educated guess that no OLPF will probably be fine”

@Matthew - Have you rigged the camera up with Kinograph at all at this point (running or not running)?

Thanks for checking in! I have not yet. I’m working on the gate and then on to lighting. Once I have those all set I’ll move to camera. Very much looking forward to getting to that point. I’ll definitely reach out when I get there as I’ll likely need some help. Is there someone you recommend I email when I get to that point?

team [at] is read by everyone Matthew.

Hi there. I wish I could say I have. I am only able to work on Kinograph in my spare time, of which there is not much these days. I’ll def drop a line when I get the chance to hook it up! Realistically, it’s probably 5-8 months out.

Thanks for checking in, though!

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Currently we’re in the process of designing packaging materials and on one page of the accompanying booklet we may include photographs of the camera being used in various situations. Given that the booklet will end up in the hands of hundreds of film-makers/developers this would be a good opportunity to drive interest towards Kinograph. I know you’re busy, and no worries if time isn’t available yet, but thought I’d give you a heads-up.

All the best.

Thanks for the heads up! When do you need something by?

Being designed now and likely over the course of the next three weeks.