Hello, from Sweden

Hello all of you.
My name is Tomas Larsson, from Borås Sweden.
I find this site pretty usefull, since I am in the progress of designing my own scanner.
here is the basics of my Project.
It will be a combined R8/S8/16mm scanner.
I will most likely use a Nikon 1 camera, together with some homebrewed software based on Nikon’s SDK.
I will scan in raw, and downsample the final result to HD/UHD.
The software will be able to do bracketing (HDR or similar),

Mechical, I’m not 100 sure yet.
I’m going to use motors from a DLT-Tape backup unit, they seems to be Ideal for this application

I am probably going to aquire a Durst enlargment machine (condenser-less) in order to get a good lightsource, together with colour correction filters for White balancing.

The unit should also be able to extract sound, if there is any on the film.
However sound extraction probably has to be done in a second run, I guess.

Anyway, it is a slow-going Project, so dont expect to much in the near future, since I’m currently scanning some 20k colour sides.

But as usual any input and advice would be appriciated.

Welcome. I am also developing a scanner using a Nikon J1. Unfortunately I am not a coder and I have to rely on Digicam Control software to run and record from the J1. A single frame takes about 4 seconds to record onto the hard disk. I am much interested to know about your homebrewed software.

Wish you all the success.