Kinetronic antistatic film cleaner


does anyone have experience with this antistatic film cleaner or any antistatic brush ?


I’ve used a Kostiner anti-static brush for b/w stills printing, for glass cleaning for framing, and DLSR scanning of stills negatives for archive. They’re pretty effective on film that has been well stored and is quite clean to start with.I don’t know if they’re commonly used in MP scanning.

thank you
here is a review of the kinetronics ministat, a guy uses it with super 8 scanning
also this guy uses an antistatic brush on his super 8 loop machine

I think these are really only good for keeping stray hairs and dust off of very clean film. It might help with static to keep new dust from being attracted to the film while you’re scanning.

You could use Pec-pads (B&H Link) to clean off loose dust while you wind the film. You can also use them with 99% isopropyl alcohol to spot clean very dirty areas.

In the end there’s only so much you can do as a lot of the dirt on these film is embedded in the film. I think in a lot of cases it’s easier to do all the dusting digitally.

I would tend to agree here. If you’re scanning fresh neg, this will probably keep any room dust off the film. But it’ll do nothing for stuff that’s caked on. For that you need a proper film cleaner that uses a liquid solvent (Alcohol, Perc, HFE, etc), or you need to (very carefully) do it by hand.

ok thank you
I already use pec pads with isopropyl alcohol, also tried petrol type C, but not happy with the results… looks like it does almost nothing against the dust…
Like you said, it looks like the dust is embedded in the film
Yes I’m using Neatvideo, it does a good job… no money/skills/time for restoration software like Diamant…

ok thank you friolator