Kinograph Software Issues


Hi everyone, this is my first time posting so be gentle.

I’ve been experimenting with various DIY telecine machines for a number of years and I recently decided to build my own Kinograph as it seemed to be the natural progression of technology for me. I’ve just got a couple of questions about the Processing program and associated code.

  1. I keep getting the error “The function captionlabel() does not exist” despite the appropriate libraries being installed
  2. Is there a way to achieve a full resolution output file? Mine appear to be reduced to 18KB jpegs
  3. The OpenCV library only installs on Version 2.2 and not in the latest version 3.1

I’m using MacOSX 10.11



Thanks for posting @badgerfox. Can you tell me what sketch you’re running? There are 3 in the “processing” folder on github. Let me know and I will try to recreate the problem on my end and find a solution!


Processing 3 is brand-new, and many important libraries are missing–will be a couple years till it’s as well-supported as Processing 2. If you need a particular library I’d stick with that for now.


Thanks for the quick responses. I was using the 16mm sketch. Thanks


@badgerfox, I did a test on a computer that had no Processing libraries installed and got everything to work fine. I suggest taking the following steps:

  1. Use Processing 2.2.1. It is available for download on the Processing site underneath the current version.

  2. delete the controlP5 and opencv libraries from your Documents > Processing > Libraries folder.

  3. Download the controlP5 version mentioned in the kinograph README here:

It is important that you use this version, as it is known to work with the Kinograph software. Processing might ask you if you want to update the library. DO NOT update.

  1. Install the OpenCV library from inside Processing by using the menu path Sketch > Import Library > Add Library. Search for “OpenCV” in the search bar. You should see it there, the author is “Greg Borenstein.” Click Install then restart Processing.

Good luck and thanks for the tip. I think the installation of the libraries is confusing as written in the README file. I’ll fix that right away.


I’m having trouble installing OpenCv in the libraries folder. When I try to install OpenCV through the sketch add library I get the following error: Received fatal alert: protocol_version
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Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using Windows 7 64 bit. Processing 2.2.1.


I managed to install OpenCv by instaling Processing 3 and then installing Processing 2. Now I am getting an error of the following. The function CaptionLabel() does not exist. This is listed under Control Frame - EDGE DETECTION SETTINGS. cannyLow.captionLabel().style().setMarginLeft( -45 ).setMarginTop ( -20 ); I am using TimesRomanNewPSMT as Helvetiva is not listed under the fonts. Can anyone help me with this problem?


I was able to recreate your problem. The issue is that the newest version of ControlP5 is not backwards compatible. The version I used was older. To fix it, download the older version of the library and replace the newer version in the ‘Processing > Libraries’ folder.

^ download the 2.1.5 version at this link.

Let me know if that helps!


ALso, you’ll probably get an error about a font. To fix that, delete the font file (with .vlw extension) in the project’s data folder. Then make a new font of your choice (select size of 16) from the Processing menu bar: Tools > Create Font…

Copy the name of the font that it creates (look in your data folder) and replace the string “HelveticaNeue-Light-16.vlw” in the setup() loop.


Yes, that worked. Thanks. i will be experimenting with it.