Kinograph v2 build, timing in the 2021 calendar?

Ive begun shooting super16 every weekend. For now I’m eating the cost for scanning at a facility but I am very interested in building a kinograph even if its prototype phase.

I’ve been eyeing this project for years and really appreciate Matt’s dedication to it.

I’ve been out of the loop… is V2 at a state where I could begin a build that can be finishing as you guys finish? Is there a variation of V2 that functions even if not fully fleshed out?

My needs are just scanning the negative directly to ingest to an NLE to edit.I’m very comfortable with image sequences, stablizing it in after effects or whatever program and generating my ProRes / DNxHR files…

I don’t have a 3d printer so I’d have to send files into a web service and have pieces mailed back, or I can find a friend that may have one.

Thanks for any pointers in advance!

Hi Bryan. The best way to keep up with progress updates is by joining the mailing list (bottom of front page of website) or by following the YouTube channel. I am now posting monthly updates to both.

V2 is not ready to be followed, but the timetable is still looking good for Spring, 2021. At that time I hope to have a working prototype that will be sent to pilot partners for testing. After the pilot phase I’ll implement any feedback I get from them and then things will be as good as they can be for 2.0. Of course, development never really stops but that will be a solid place to jump in on your own build.

Hope that answers your questions. Also, just a heads up that initially I’m supporting positive scans and will not be doing any testing for negatives. But I’m sure someone on the forums will be able to provide guidance on how to do negative scanning given what has been published about the designs along the way.

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PS - regarding the 3D printed parts, you can order them from me at a slight markup. The small profit will help support further Kinograph development. Same goes for the laser cut files for the acrylic pieces. Various kit versions will also be available whereby you can get all the hardware, electronics, PC, camera, etc in various combinations to fit your needs. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info Matt! I’ll keep the 3D printing help in mind too.