Kodak Scanza

Has anyone here an idea of the quality of the 14MP CMOS scanner?

It may be possible to use this unit as part of a DIY telecine?

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That could be definitely possible. The only thing that would need to be figured out is a way to remotely trigger the scanner to capture the images (which would likely have to result in modifying the scanner).

As far as quality goes, reviews suggest that the quality is not the greatest. Colors are sometimes not ideal, pictures can turn out a little blurry, and the scanner can only output JPEG. (Also some say it’s a bit overpriced and that other scanners with similar specs can be found for cheaper.) It could work as an experiment, but if you’re looking for a long-term solution than I’d personally avoid using a Scanza (and either find a higher-end model or use a standalone camera and backlight instead).

Thanks for your comments.
I did find another review who also felt it was overpriced and preferred a flatbed scanner with less cost but higher picture quality. Your right about modifications required as the scanner doesn’t scan 8mm film automatically. You need to manually pull the film through frame by frame. Then your trigger issue comes up, and perhaps how to focus it properly. So, I’ll let be.