Light sphere mod for universal mkii

Hi all, I’ve had a good read through the lighting research thread and decided to try non destructively modify my Moviestuff universal Mkii to add a light sphere.
Just to start out - the scanner is fine, I don’t want to offend Roger or turn off customers, I just can’t help by play with things :slight_smile:
I originally wanted to build my own scanner, but Rogers machine works out the box very well, and I had lots of paying customers waiting to get a scan.

The current light is a chip with a 7 or so Leds that shines straight up to pass through diffuser. There are no reflective surfaces on the side of the tube.
It’s working fine, but for really cracked film I scan it doesn’t look very good, and I’m curious if a light sphere would help.
I’d love to add a wetgate, although some old film looses yellow dye if it’s wet with isopropyl alcohol, and there’s not much room to squeeze one on this machine without pulling too much apart and moving rollers.

I’ve printed a new mounting block for the film guides which doesn’t extend down as far so it allows more space for a sphere. I’ll get this CNCed when I’m happy with it.
The sphere is 88mm diameter, the exit hole is probably large enough for 16mm. I need to work on this, I mucked up the dimensions.

I’m designing it to accommodate the light supplied with the scanner. Maybe one day I could swap the LED, but Rogers machine works very well to avoid any flicker, and I’m not sure how to overcome that if I change the chip and driver.
The light will enter from the front side. I probably should move it to the top side to prevent light leaking out the hole without bouncing at least once.

I plan on painting it with the baso4 when it arrives in the mail. I’m too sure how much I need, I only got 100g

I’ll attach some more photos when I’m home from work! This is what I have so far.

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