Looking for a review of new PCB designs

Hello Kinograph community. I’m finishing up the designs on the new, simplified PCB boards and I’d love to get a review by someone with more experience.

Is there anyone (or more than one) who would be willing to take a look at the files and tell me if there is anything I’ve done that should be improved?

I’ve uploaded the .sch and .brd files for the three boards here: Dropbox - File Deleted

Thanks in advance!


This is made with Eagle CAD? Can I open it with the free version, because I have no version of that software anymore. I moved over to Kicad and haven’t looked back ( It’s free and easier to use for me), so I can’t open it atm.

I installed the latest free version (EagleCAD free download), and had a look at the files. It seems alright to me, but the schematic consists of mostly routing. I am not super experienced in laying out boards, but I mostly try to connect all my ground pins to a ground plane/pour on the top layer. Could you describe the functionality of the motor pcb’s a bit please?

Thanks @Bill. Yeah, they were made in Fusion360 which now includes Eagle. I would love to switch to KiCad and FreeCad at some point but feel too invested in this direction for the time being and want to get to a working v2 as quickly as possible. Perhaps when that is accomplished we can work on transitioning to a fully open source suite of tools.

My three options for export are Fusion360’s proprietary board format (*.fbrd), and two version s of *.brd - one for pre v9.X Eagle and the other for Eagle 9.X and later. The ones I put up on Dropbox were for Eagle 9.X+, so I’ve exported the earlier format and put it here for you to test with.

I’ve also turned on public sharing links to the files on A360 (Fusion’s cloud platform), which appear below. I hope that helps.

Unrelated…have you ever used FreeCAD for 3D modeling or CAM work?

Motor board (right)

Motor board (left)


Oh, and yes to answer your question. You should be able to open these with the free version of Eagle.

I am currently using Inventor Pro 2020, but that license will expire in a year or so. My only CAM experience is with Siemens NX unfortunately, but that is going to change since I am converting a micro mill to CNC atm. I have dabbled with Freecad for a couple of years, but nothing more than the basics, it seems to be too early to switch for me.

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