Los Angeles.... anyone have a functional kinograph built?

I cut a film in AVID that was shot on super16. The poor director just got shocked with a huge $25k quote to scan his film!

I’m wondering if anyone in LA would be willing to let us come and test scan one roll to see if he can go with kinograph as an alternative to get his film into color grading.

If it works it would either be we build one… or we rent one from one of you fine builders.

please feel free to respond here, or email me at editor@bryancolvin.com

Hi @bryancolvinfilm. Kinograph is still in the prototype phase. Design and construction of v2 is underway and I hope to release it sometime late in 2018.

Matthew Epler

How long a film is it, and in which condition? 25k does sound like a lot.

Hello Matthew,
Will V2 still be based on the listed hardware? Specifically the aluminum t slot bar. I just now acquired that material. Next, I plan to get the rollers printed.
Rob Teed

@robteed I’m still early in the design process, but I think you’ll be safe with the T-slot aluminum. I’m still using that in V2 and it’s working great so far.

If you’re thinking about building V1, I’d recommend getting in contact with @AACALibrary who are the only ones I know of that have built one. They made some modifications which are detailed here: Image Sensor / Optical Components - #89 by AACALibrary