M&j 35mm scanner build

Hi guys -looks like a cool forum and I like the idea of sharing ideas for building things -

We are building a transfer machine for 35mm and are working in functioning a prototype

This design is more like a projector and uses a Geneva gear -so far looks promising but will see - these parts are all cut on our 6040 router in aluminium so be interesting to see how it holds up -

using 12mm shafts for the Geneva drive and only had 1/2” bush to do a keyway so …

Steel to

Here’s a first test video

Cutting the stainless drive teeth -ya have to go real slow with stainless-

These are fantastic process shots. Thanks for sharing! That geneva gear is looking very good. Out of curisoity, what kind of mill are you using?

Hi Matthew - Great work on all your transfer info - it’s amazing to see all the work that is going into the kinograph project -

we using a 6040 Au $1200 Chinese cnc router from eBay - using fusion 360 to design and cam parts - it seems to work great with aluminium with single flute endmills - stainless is a bit tricky - you really need a slower spindal speed for it -but it works if you go really slow feed rate and use 4 flute endmills and plenty of coolant

here’s an aluminium version vs the stainless - aluminium is so much easier to cut and will probably my work just as well

It seems to all fit


That’s a great looking sprocket. Congrats!

Thanks- be interesting when we test it to see if it grinds the film to dust

Got it pulling film through - next need to get some gate bars happening and then some play and take up film spools M&j 35mm transfer machine vid 2 - YouTube


image image image

Gotta customise ya spools

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That looks great! @milesjules, assuming you have a lathe that could handle delrin or similar, would you be willing to make a few parts if I supplied the materials? I’ve been trying out 3D printing the rollers here at home and while they do work, I’d love to get some delrin ones too to try out.

Yeah sure - we only have a manual lathe - so as long as it’s not insane tolerances you need- also we are in Australia so sending stuff can be slow from USA- otherwise I can source it locally and send

Ah, okay I guess that doesn’t make a lot of sense with the distance. But thanks for offering!

Got the rewind Scooter motor mounted and gonna see if this pulley size is geared enough to rewind without snapping film

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Anyone tried somthing like this? - it’s a Sprocket hub with a internal light that is driven by a Geneva gear

I printed this just to see if the shape was to bent to film off - but think it’s fine - I printed it in two big chunks so it’s a bit warped so will have to make it out somthing on the router to see if it spins accurately - that my old gh4 camera there that has a 50mm lens off the retroscan on it just to see if the picture looked distorted - think is ok - the trick would be getting this to move accurately - the gearing works at the moment but because the sides of the hubs are a bit wonky the film doesn’t register properly on one side - will see what the cnc spits out next

The leds are cob battery torches on either side of some computer paper they seem to be bright and even enough - they are skinny and long one in each side of an arm that sits over the inner hub but doesn’t touch it - I kind of like it

thinking I could remove the three sprockets in between the frame -that coincides with the camera position would make loading it easier


I’ve definitely never seen this. Cool idea!

That is a realy Novel idea :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys-the main problem with this Idea is warpage of the print -because the halves are only attached in the middle the edges don’t stay straight in the film sprockets all the time - cnc out of metal or plastic might be the best way for this to work better but working on a more traditional one now