Machine Vision Camera Cooling

I got my FLIR Oryx 5.3K (IMX530) and was surprised that it gets HOT pretty quickly with just power to it, not even capturing frames.

The camera dimensions are 60mm(W) x 60mm(H) x 115mm(L) so I ordered an aluminum heatsink 60mm(W) x 150mm(L) x 25mm(H) which I will cut to 115mm and add 2x 60mm Noctua fans on top. Thinking of bolting that heatsink assembly on top of the camera. The camera will also be bolted on an aluminum plate which should help diffuse heat a bit as well.

Is this a good plan? Wondering what you guys are doing for camera cooling?

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Use thermal paste if you’re attaching a heatsink (like you would on a CPU). In fact use thermal paste for everything you attach it to including the holding plate, it can’t hurt and you can clean it off quite easily if you need to disassemble it. I’ve recently been shown results from a Flir Oryx camera with a heatsink and fan on it and it didn’t seem to have any heat/noise issues.

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