Moviestuff Problems

On the Moviestuff Owners facebook forum, Roger Evans has advised that he has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy which means the enterprise which builds and vends the Retroscan Universal Mark 2 and 8/16 scan machines will cease trading.

Due to a third party component failure and subsequent failure of an in-house designed and built component to replace it and despite a successful revision of that design, the enterprise became impossible to continue.

This comprehensively sucks for Roger Evans who loses everything under Chapter 7 and for the folk who have prepaid for machines which now will not be delivered. Product support will now fall to the cohort of owner-users.

It might be worthwhile members of this forum or the owner-users on the facebook group to consideri forming a LLC for purpose of requesting from the bankruptcy administrator, the registered designs of the in-house built components and arrange a conduit for the software which is developed and sold by an independent vendor.

Although the structures are made of precision cabinetry, not metal, the basic design has good bones and to significantly improve it would not be a big over-reach.

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This is a sad ending for people that ordered from this company.

I have not seen the filing, but according to this redit posting, looks like in the past couple of years, Mr. Evans made a handsome income from his company.

I’ve seen the filings, and yes while the debts are only $729,187.51 (“only”) during 2022-2023 Roger paid himself $1,485,516.00. So from his filing his salary from the past two years could have paid the company debts twice-over. People are rightly asking questions, I don’t have an answer nor do I pretend to have one. There are rumours, but they are just rumours and assumptions. He claims in the filing to have no personal wealth meaning all the money he paid himself is, somehow, gone.

For those who paid for unfulfilled orders outside the US may wish to contact the representative of the US Department of Commerce at the US Embassy.

Given the information in the filing (which I have not seen), which provides no chances for people that purchase to get their money (or a portion) back, if I were one of you, would contact the Texas State attorney’s office for an investigation into this matter and determine if there are grounds for criminal action.

Edit: The filing and other information were posted at the 8mmForum.

That’s good advice, but I didn’t purchase anything from Roger Evans or MovieStuff LLC and I’m not a listed unsecured creditor. Happy to do my part and pass on the filings though to any creditor.

[edit] Here’s the Facebook post Roger posted and then deleted in PDF form:

Roger Evans Facebook post.pdf (45.9 KB)

And the screenshots are here:

Court docs are uploaded by digicube below, and also on Film-Tech here:

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Here is the bankruptcy docs.

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One innovator has already made a website for DIY upgrades:

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