My all format scanner

Here is my background in the making of film scanners.

I first started by modifying old projectors to be able to make film scans. The captures were made with an industrial camera, frame by frame, the projector working continuously and an optical fork ensured the synchronization of the capture.
On the whole the result was good, but it was a little painful to have to change the projector to digitize another projector to digitize another format. The installation of the camera and its lens could be complicated depending on the available space. The vibrations required weighting and stiffening the fixation of the elements.
In short, this formula was not very practical.

I started to build my own scanner, about three to four years ago.
The specification was to be able to scan all film formats on one machine, with a minimum of time spent between format changes.
It had to be possible to scan all roll diameters.
It also had to be possible to build the machine without using a drill press or a metal lathe, which I don’t have.
Simple technical solutions had to have top priority.

By analogy with 3D printers, I chose a 40x40 aluminum profile for the chassis.
This type of construction is very rigid and modular. That is to say that you can make modifications on an element (motor, tensioner, film guide, lighting, etc…)
without having to rebuild your entire machine.
The arms of the reels are foldable to make the machine more compact.
Moreover, these elements can be assembled without any problem and everything is easily available on the market, for a reasonable price.

If you are interested in more details, let me know, it will be gladly.
Sorry for my english… translated with DeepL .-)


Great build, thanks for sharing!! I (and I’m sure others) would be interested in more details of your scanner. I assume that your setup is still frame by frame. How do you manage scanning different format film reels on your scanner? Do you have to make any changes or adjustments when switching between an 8mm to a 16mm or 35mm? I would like to see more pictures of the gate and the film path. If you could share any details about the light source and control that would also be mich appreciated.

Great looking build and frame. The machined parts look outstanding.
Thank you for sharing.