My effort to great telecine machine


This is project, witch started due to discovery. I had in our stock several 8 mm films.

I went to our local library , there was suppose to be digitalizing device. Yes, but it worked only for half reel, in a session. And then freezes!

So I decided to do it by my self.

Probably case not well planed, but so does things happened, right?

So I bought two Nema 17 stepper motors, have had 3d printed several parts. Took motors from old scanners and build platform on acrylic plate. Have two Adafruit DC+Stepper Motor HAT mini kits. I

I removed one DC-motor, one is coiling film after stepper motors with low power. It is set so, that it start to slip, if too heavy film tension exist. Poorly technically innovated.

Film reel 1 is set to release film from dummy shaft (stationary), which let reel to slip on it.

Raspberry Pi 3 and raspberry camera V2 are used.

Stepper motors are set to push and pull the film, so that the push is early.

Camera works pretty nicely, and I only pull the lens outward. This was not possibly with camera V1.

So far, I have used only bicycles led light.

So I am now able to take shots frame by frame.

What then?

I have installed OpenCV. Go forward with “face” recognition?

My skills with python, are basically, that I do know, it is not snake.

Now, I do understand, what is the meaning of DIY .