My effort to great telecine machine

This is project, witch started due to discovery. I had in our stock several 8 mm films.

I went to our local library , there was suppose to be digitalizing device. Yes, but it worked only for half reel, in a session. And then freezes!

So I decided to do it by my self.

Probably case not well planed, but so does things happened, right?

So I bought two Nema 17 stepper motors, have had 3d printed several parts. Took motors from old scanners and build platform on acrylic plate. Have two Adafruit DC+Stepper Motor HAT mini kits. I

I removed one DC-motor, one is coiling film after stepper motors with low power. It is set so, that it start to slip, if too heavy film tension exist. Poorly technically innovated.

Film reel 1 is set to release film from dummy shaft (stationary), which let reel to slip on it.

Raspberry Pi 3 and raspberry camera V2 are used.

Stepper motors are set to push and pull the film, so that the push is early.

Camera works pretty nicely, and I only pull the lens outward. This was not possibly with camera V1.

So far, I have used only bicycles led light.

So I am now able to take shots frame by frame.

What then?

I have installed OpenCV. Go forward with “face” recognition?

My skills with python, are basically, that I do know, it is not snake.

Now, I do understand, what is the meaning of DIY .

Hello K,
Do you have footage shot with the V2 camera? Can you post a link?

I do have.![image1989-8|447x311](upload://94AdRvf92iRc1kzdAmdLCw31SSi.jpeg

These look great, @K.Tapa! Thanks for sharing your project. Kinograph is based on open-source hardware philosophies. We love it when people share their ideas with us. It’s very helpful and exciting for us to see how you have made your projects, too. Can you post pictures of your machine and any links to documentation (code, sketches, etc)? Thanks!


Thank you for your kind words,

I have gain something, but a lot to do still.

Old super 8 mm films are not in very good condition. I am surprise, that I got something out off it with raspberry pi camera V2. No macro, only adjusted camera lens.

I rather not take photo of the device. It is real development platform, in deed.

Acrylic plate, old small wooden legs hanging under it. 2 Nema 17 stepper motors, printer rollers and other thinks from Alexamders Raspberry Pi based 8mm telecine project.

2 Adafruit stepper motor hats 2348, and old technical parts.

Well, Arduino would have been better choice?

My intension’s are to make prober platform, when and how I manage to be satisfied?

So, basically I have done still a lot manually. Learning slowly.

Thank you all, for your support.

To reveal the photo quality, point 62nd parallel north. Winter, not very much light at that time of year in around 1980?

Camera Kodak XL 55?

Raspberry pi V2 camera did pretty good work. Considering, that I have this bicycle constant led light in use. Only the right led pointing to camera.

Nb! my innovation for diffuser, peace of white Cannon copy paper. Pretty good innovation?

When I ordered the 3d parts, I had a feeling, that white color for camera mount should be not good. Other prints are white.![20180821_133246|375x500](upload://s47XrZly9IejiOz8vrNeGRqVsT2.jpeg

Hi K

Looks like you have a great budget build. Can you share more of your project as this is what I would like to achieve.

It would be brilliant if you could share your 3D print designs and more pictures if your machine,

Hello there

Thank You,

Yes I started my project, but due to my lack of skills, I am still straggling.

I used information from this: My rpiTelecine Machine (based on jas8mm's design). Rolls and all you need?

If I would star new project I would not take Adafruit motor hat. It is very good, but also expensive. If you go thru other post or, visit Raspberry Pi Forums - Index page, You will find lot of information.

I have platform which is on acrylate plate. I had wooden balks under that. And it was very noise, I tell You. I replaced those with tinny plastic containers, and now it stands on the air, so to say. Works OK.

You may read my previous posts?

I manged to take led light current from one of the two Adafruit 2348 motor hat mosfet. I use pi camera V2, and it is good. No macro.

I use basic programs from Adafruit and pi camera. Today I use powerleds, ADA518, pretty simple two leds and resistor, they will give those in you shop. There is others leds also, more convenience budget vise. So my bicycle light is now free to go. Diffuser is piece of copy paper.

Feeding reel is free rolling, so I have two stepper motors, and one dc motor, camera.

My problem is, that I haven´t short out how to run programs. I am able to run all programs, but individually. Starting all separately. So, need to study.

English is not my native language, so now you know… When I was a boy i make crystal radios. Not so young.

I just replaced raspberry pi with the latest

You may consider some other small computer, more convenient for the task?

When I am ready, I will set my system on two aluminum bars, and three legs.

Here is short film, the dc motor is not activated for th reel. So, I start steppers (one program), led lights and recoil reel (not running here). Light and steppers are not in sync.



Ca not share films, but here is 2 phtos

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Thanks K this is great and really inspiring. I will take a closer look and might have some questions.

These are my components that I’ve gathered so far. I’ve got a long way to go!

Your English is very good :+1:

Hi K

Can I ask how big your Perspex sheet is?

For sure. It is 30 * 40 cm. ( 15.7 * 11.8 INCH ) Hope, I save Your day. Consider other wayes to do that. Perspexs is not so safe, if we thing fire.
How large are reels? That is one factor.

I have to warn you, materila is noisy.

That’s great and what files did you use for the 3D printed elements?

I had 3D printed this items in local shop: rollers, light box and camera mount. Other thinks I have made from old things and bought from local hardware.

Basically I found thinks from home, old scanners; dcmotor; old laptop bower source, etc. Nema 17 motors from local retailer.

Check out this: rpitelecine/hardware/3d Models at master · Alexamder/rpitelecine · GitHub

About camera mount, I suspected, that white is not good idea, and ordered those parts in black.

Keep in mind, that you gonna have days, that you get noway. Take a brake, and start over.

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Hello, how are you doing?