My telecine machine with Ximea camera

Hi all,
I would like to share my setup and results for scanning super8 films

Camera is Ximea MC050CG-SY
old projector
Rodagon 80mm at 5.6 (reverse mounted)
Hall sensor for trigger
9 leds
for light diffusion I use a focusing screen from super8 viewer
stone to reduce the vibration :slight_smile:

Scanned in 2464 x 2056
10 fps
shutter speed 1ms
Raw 16 bits dng

Post in Resolve
only slight adjustments in Camera Raw
no sharpness nor noise reduction
downscaled to 1920x1080

password is globule


Nice work! What did you think of the Ximea camera’s results? Recommended?

Thank you Matthew !

So far so good
I choose the Ximea because of the dng support inside their application Camtool, no need to use third party software or convert the raw after the capture. Second reason is that Camtool is Mac compatible (also Windows and Linux)
Dng is perfectly compatible in Resolve.
The interface of Camtool is well made with useful tools…
You can download it for free and try it, there is camera simulator even if you don’t have the camera…
Support is responsive and helpful. I had a Teams conversation to understand all the settings in Camtool, and in 30 minutes everything was clear…
Yes, recommended

My congratulations for the good result obtained. The film has turned out very well. By the way, it’s a good short. I’m sorry for the person who ended up in the water.
I see that for the capture you use the software of the camera manufacturer, but I would like to know how you control the advance movement of the film.

Thanks Manuel,
No need to be sorry for him, he was useless for the society… In fact, he served as dinner for the fish.
The projector is running by itself. I am using the sensor hall trigger method.
There is a magnet on one of the blades of the projector so every time the magnet comes near the hall sensor it output 5v to the camera trigger

Congratulations. It’s nice and sharp. Hope now you are satisfied.

Congrats, looks good.

Thank you, yes I am satisfied

Thank you, yes it looks good