OpenCV 4.5 for C programming environments

About a year and a half ago, we realized we needed OpenCV functionality for our film scanner. The problem is that the programming environment I’m used to working in requires externally linked libraries to be written in C, not C++, and OpenCV has deprecated its C interface in newer versions.

So we started two projects:

  1. OpenCV-C: This is a plain C interface to OpenCV 4.5. It is mostly complete at this point.
  2. Xojo-OpenCV-C: this is a Xojo project file that presents most of OpenCV’s functionality as convenient Xojo classes. You don’t need to think about things like allocating and deallocating mats, structs or vectors, just create a class instance, do your thing and that’s that.

As of today, both are open source, available for use on github (links above).

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