Purchased a Film Gate off Ebay


Hi Guys,
I purchased a Film gate off Ebay. I’m hoping I can use it to build a 16mm Kinograph. I think it may have come out of a camera but I’m not sure. I removed the square piece of spring loaded plastic that was over the film gate.I projected an LED light through the back and used an iPhone7 to take some photos. If I can figure out a camera that can focus on that small of an area I will start experimenting.


Well I decided to take a shot from inside the box. Sometimes it pays off to think Inside the box! IMG_1931


That gate is pin-registered, and will only work with double-perf film unless modified. It will not work with shrunken or damaged film. It probably can’t be run faster than about 6 fps. It will need to be driven to run the mechanism.

It could make a simple scanner since it has sprockets, so all it needs are platters and a way to control film tension. Tension is less critical since the sprockets are there.

But it won’t be versatile, since double-perf film is quite rare these days.


Hi Bob,
Most of the film I need to digitize is double-perf. After I get that film converted I will look into converting it to a scanner system at a later date. I really like the design of the gate and expect I can modify it if I need too. It’s a start anyway.