Raspberry camera global shutter

Would it be OK for S8 scanner ? too low resolution ?

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It will depend on your goals. If you want to enjoy the full grain of classical color-reversal Super-8 film stock, there are people advocating scanning at 4k or above. A resolution the RP GS camera can not deliver. If you want to build a scanner slightly better than one of the cheap commercially available scanners, you could use this camera. Specifically, as it is a global shutter camera, you can scan continiously, which treats the film generally better than the stop-and-go motion of a non-continious scanner. The later approach is needed with all rolling shutter cameras.

The real physical resolution of Super-8 film stock is probably close to 1080p which the GS camera would be able to deliver - but there would be no reserves available. I personally use the HQ camera (4k) for film scanning, even so I do own a GS camera.


Thanks cpixip for your appreciated answer.
I’ve got the 2 HQ and GS ,the system is a stop and go one.Just asking if there was any benefit utilizing a GS camera.
I’ll stay with my original one :HQ