Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit) out of beta

Anyone did try the 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS yet?

Regarding the camera it seems that MMAL is no longer supported,

so switching to libcamera is mandatory

… which is not a good idea at the moment. Also, 64-bit is not automatically “better” than a 32-bit system (depends on the type of software, for example)

I have installed Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye 64-bit on a 4 GB Raspberry Pi that I use as a desktop computer.

The graphic environment that I have installed is KDE Plasma, perhaps a bit heavy for the Raspberry Pi, but it is the one that I usually use on the PC.

In the few days that I have used it, I have to say that the operation has been correct at all times.
Typical applications such as Gimp, LibreOffice, the Chromium browser, etc run without any problems.
However, it lacks fluidity when viewing video files.

The issue of new Python libraries for camera control is at a very early stage at the moment and I haven’t tested it.