Selling a couple scanners

First, I checked with Matthew on this to make sure it’s ok. We’re selling two scanners and a monster of a Magnatech dubber that could be turned into a scanner. I figured this would be a good place since people here are looking to build these things and this is a way to get a jump start.

First up: Northlight 1 6k scanner, fully operational. Does 35mm, has some of what it needs to do 16mm but you’d need to buy/make some bits to scan 16mm (gate, platter spacers, roller pinch wheels). It has keykode readers for 16/35, and as configured can do 2/3/4 perf 35mm. With a Vistavision gate it’ll do 8-perf. You can make one of these if you’re handy - it’s just a hunk of metal, no electronics. Or modify the standard 35mm gate. It comes with all the cabling and the linux host PC, which we upgraded to give it more storage space and better cooling. I’d like to get $15,000 for this one. Photos of this one and some video of it running, here: Northlight | Flickr

Next: Imagica Imager 3000V – this was largely taken apart by me in 2014. The motors (feed and takeup torque motors, as well as several steppers) are all there. I converted it to run under Arduino control. I’d leave the stepper drivers in there as well as the custom wiring I did (everything is CAT5 internally), and the relay boards to turn things on and off, but it’s only half-complete so this is very much DIY. It’s a smallish (think chest freezer sized) machine, on wheels but heavy. The transport is really very nice, and includes 4p 35mm and 8p 35mm Vistavision gates. There are sensors for everything and it all works with an Arduino. I’m not including my arduino board though, since that’s already been removed and repurposed. there is no camera or lens in it. It even includes the original Shinto prayer cards that were installed inside the door to ward off evil spirits, so you’re totally set! Pictures from when I was working on it, here: Imagica 35mm Film Scanner | Flickr – thinking $1200 for this.

Lastly, we have a chassis and a bunch of parts from a Magnatech 35mm audio dubber. Lots of parts: 35/16mm sprocketed roller wheels, motors, etc. This is a vertical 24" wide rackmount unit that stands about 7 feet tall. We were going to use it for our 70mm scanner until I was able to pick up an old Cintel Ursa Diamond chassis. It’s got the back door on the chassis and I think most of the front plates. $150?

These are all located in Boston, pickup only, from a building with a full-height loading dock. We can crate up the Northlight for a little extra, if you want to ship it but you’d need to arrange the freight shipping (I can make some recommendations on how to do this as inexpensively as possible. The Northlight is 1200lbs, the Imagica is probably about 275lbs and the Magnatech is maybe 250lbs. Just a guess on the Imagica and Magnatech though.

If you’re interested you can send me a message here.

Thanks! (and thanks Matthew, for letting me post this!)


These are still available, and I’m open to offers. The Imagica should be of interest particularly, as it’s got a great transport for 35mm scanning, and all the motors, sensors and drivers already in place and wired up. Just add a controller, light and camera and you’re on your way! Willing to take less for it too, so make an offer.

We’re going to be moving into a new office in the coming months and we really don’t want to have to take these with us if we don’t need to.

Is the Imagica still available? I have 800 cans of 35 mm film that is burning a hole in my barn.


That’s a lot of film! It is still available. PM me if you want to make an offer!