Simplifying tension and speed control

@Matteo_Ricchetti made a comment in the latest update video that described a possible simplification of the system that provides feedback to the motors regarding tension and speed. At first I didn’t get it, but I think now I do.

Matteo, did I get this right? What does everyone else think? @VitalSparks, you still around? You’d be a great voice to have in this discussion.

Seems like something worth trying, anyway.

Large circle on the left side is the supply reel/motor, right side is take-up. The cluster of circles below the left reel is the tension hub. The perf sensor arrow is pointing at an invisible gate :slight_smile:

absolutly right that how all my scanners works, but I have also an optical encoder in contact with film (using only perf as too low time resolution, but can be done)