Site implementation ask

Hi all, love the site and still trying to tread water and not drown. Lots to learn here.

I have an ask to the site admins though…. I work for a rather large company that blocks the site. I have a number of colleagues interested in archival work as well, and it would be a lot easier to have some “shop talk” at work.

Basically, there appear to be two google font includes in the site resources that are http instead of https. The rest of the site is served over secure links and our firewall blocks access.

Figured you should know (pretty sure that’s a problem in SEO), and hopeful of a simple change to get me access everywhere!


This site runs on a platform called Discourse. I’m not sure Matt has much control over things that low level but maybe? Just out of curiosity, are you able to access this site from work? it’s another forum I use for the programming environment I work with, also running on the same platform. If you can’t, then it’s likely an issue to take up with the makers of Discourse.

Thanks for the response! I’ll check that out and report back.

I have been able to validate that the site you linked works…. All the included resources load from https.

Might be some sort of version update needed? Dunno.

Thanks for checking!