Slit Scan LED Audio Capture

In the above discussion, Profile - Peter - Kinograph Forums mentions about a Slit-Scan LED for Audio Capture. Anyone care to describe about this pl.

The target audience is small to medium-size archives who cannot afford to digitize their collections. As the emphasis for Kinograph is access (vs. preservation) it is also a viable tool for larger archives who simply want to verify what they have in their collection as a means to prioritize what titles they want to spend money preserving.

The split scan LED for audio capture works like this:

Thanks, Matthew for the reply. I think I have not been clear in my question. I know about the optical sound head. But the discussion I have linked mentioned about a LED Split Scan Audio capture head as it is available for purchase.

I think he’s just talking about building your own slit scanner with an LED as the light-source. So the diagram above is still the reference, but replace “Exciter lamp” and “Filament” with LED.