SMPTE Test Film Frame

Hi everybody, not sure if I am posting in the proper section. Do you know if it is possible to get SMPTE Test Film Frame, in 16 mm format? I mean those with the patterns:

I am based in Germany. Thank you!
Found something from Wittner but at incredible price. I would need only 10 cm of this film.

This is no longer manufactured, hence the scarcity. Moreover the one you show is Super8.
To my knowledge no other supplier than Wittner. I was lucky to have a friend who gave me 10cm of it.
It is necessary to group together several buyers.

Thank you, yes I know that this is for S8, was just an example.

Yeah that stuff is hard to come by and expensive when you do find it unfortunately. I’d recommend you get a list of people that want some and then just pitch in together for some when you can find some. You’ll only need a few frames each attached to leader. The other option is you buy an expensive roll yourself and then sell short sections yourself to others. 12 or so frames attached to leader on a core or reel at $20 or so would be reasonable.

I think Boston Light & Sound makes test films to the same specifications as the SMPTE films. You could contact them, although it probably won’t be cheap.

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This stuff appears to also be suitable? It appears to be €45 for 2.5 metres - which would be roughly 5 seconds if the calculation I did in my head is correct, or 120 frames. You could trim that down into 10 sections of 12 frames and attach leader and you’d have 10 lots of test film. Keep one roll for yourself and share or sell the other 10 sections with others.