Sorry I disappeared. Soon to return

Been crazy with work! I did get the pancake servo motors in. Will be getting those installed after I finish up a deadline in October. Apologies to all. Life called and I had to answer, but I’ll be back soon!

Keep hacking until then!


PS - I may have found some interesting camera solutions. I purchased a beta unit from Apertus and also am looking into using the Black Magic cameras for still image capture (which you can trick them into, I recently read). I’m hoping to rent one soon for a day and see if it actually works. If it does, that’s 4K for $3K. Apertus’ Axiom is ~$5K. Both are well below what it would cost with a camera setup from Point Grey or similar, since they require frame grabber hardware to handle the large amount of data. Will report back when I have something substantial.

Did you get the monochrome/NIR sensor by any chance?

I did not. I did, however, receive some money from a grant through Simons Foundation and am preparing to purchase a camera. I’m looking at 2K options for now, and at the Point Grey options. I’m going to dive back into that thread and restart the conversation now that I have the money to make it happen. I’ll tag you there so you see it.

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Wow, Congratulations. You deserve that kind of encouragement.

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