Sound Extraction w/ Software

Hi all,

We had a great post by a newcomer, @Andreas who is working on improving sound extraction with software based on AEO-Light. This is great news for our project.

He is asking for scans of films to test with. If you have any, please contact him to arrange a transfer.

I’m filling a small hard drive with some scans from 2013 with the old Kinograph. If you would also like to get these scans, I can mail it to you, just let me know.


Any developments re: Andreas software?

I haven’t heard anything. @Andreas how’s post-graduate life?

Indeed, I have some updates.
I am in talks with the Film University Babelsberg in Potsdam.
In September I am going to present the current state of OSIRes (followed by a paper) at the IASA convention (IASA: International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives) in Berlin.
OSIRes is soon to become a joint project between the Film University and the HTW Berlin, maybe also the IASA as investor (incertain at the moment).
I know, it is not as fast as everybody hoped (including myself), but with access to various film material, investment and time, I hope it will become a better solution, than it was originally planed.
Meanwhile I have concentrated on other video/audio software, maybe also interesting for the kinograph community.
So I have written a hybrid between median and average plugin for avisynth, for restoration of VHS-Cassettes.
The motivation was to reduce noise and salt and paper artefacts by combining several digital captures of the same analogue source.
Another software I am currently developing, reduces clicks and pops of stereo recordings by interpolation within the stereo field, using a kind of dolby pro logic.

@Andreas for Supreme Leader!! Congrats and that’s wonderful news. You’re a great asset to the community, sir.

Good news here, too. I’ve finally been able to carve some time out in my schedule for work on Kinograph v2. I will be starting in July. New parts have already been ordered and are arriving this week! It will still be a long journey but this time I promise to stay the course until v2 is ready for public release!


Nice to know the updates. Thanks Andreas, Mathew.