SSD Specifications

What has everyone’s experience been with hard drives for capturing video?

I’ve finally started to capture some uncompressed AVI footage (1920 x 1200) from my Blackfly camera as I’m setting up the prototype machine, and it’s really interesting seeing how the various hard drives I’ve got stand up in the workflow.

For capture, the machine vision camera isn’t directly writing to disc but gives the option of caching the data in memory. It actually copes admirably well writing to a 13 year old SATA HDD I’ve got, but then when trying to read or move the file, it is painfully slow.

The SSD I’ve got is a lot faster, but it’s interesting seeing how even that now is fairly slow compared to today’s offerings. Plus it’s being used as the main system drive, so has a lot less space than I’d like.

I’ve just ordered this for capture and use as effectively a staging drive, before processed files will be moved onto HDDs - UserBenchmark: Samsung 860 Evo 500GB MZ-76E500B . The sustained r/w speeds seem so much better, so I’ll report back on how that translates to real world usage for video transfer and editing.

The Intel NUC I’ve been running for capture and control for my scanner has a pair of M2 form-factor SSD’s, one for the system (128GB) and one for capture (1TB). Even at a ripping-fast 4fps on my machine the uncompressed image files from the 3.2 Megapixel Chameleon don’t even register as a blip in performance. It hasn’t been an issue once - I think I’ve got a little ptsd from the days of having to re-do a tape-out on an hour-long project because of a hiccup in the disk read :laughing:

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we are using those EVO 860 500gb drives for capture to HD and SD prores and uncompressed. Others I have tried are not fast enough. I have a set of 2 1tb EVO860’s in a raid0 capturing 4K on a Linux machine.

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