Super-8 scanner based on Dominique Galland's software

A random internet find, utilising @dgalland’s software

Some interesting mechanical solutions…


Yes, I exchanged a lot of mails with Patrick Sibenaler when he developed his Telecine, he helped me a lot to improve my software. He doesn’t use a modified projector but a standalone kinograph type setup by only recovering the frame feed mechanism from the projector. He thus obtains a precise positioning of the frame. It is an interesting solution but still with a lot of work in 3D printing.

Thanks for sharing! I’ve added it to the existing machines list, which anyone can edit at any time. Great find.

Thanks Matthew,
I also added a link to my project. This project uses a modified projector and a Raspberry camera, the software is in Python.
Yart project

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Your documentation looks fantastic. I really appreciate the time and effort it takes to document code so I appreciate you sharing it on Github. Do you have any video of it working? We (the forums) would love to see it!

I just made a small video of the yart project in action