Tension Hub Design

Hi all,

In case you haven’t seen the Facebook updates, I’ve published some designs for a tension hub. This is the first major new part in the v2 design so far. Its purpose is to provide and measure tension in the film path. Here’s the Facebook post so you can check it out. There is also a link on the Fbook page to a CAD diagram.

While Facebook is a good place for updates, the forums are a better place for discussion. So…let me know what you think! I also welcome any feedback on how I can improve my Fusion modeling skills so if you have tips please share them.

Kinograph Facebook page
CAD Model

Looking very good, Matt.

I’m always concerned about archive films, i.e. brittle ones. For those I would like to see rollers with a larger diameter, and also a way to limit the maximum tension; the latter one might be employed by simply adding some screw-on stoppers, that will define the maximum turning of the hub. Or maybe rather a way to have the spring variable?

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Just now seeing this. I’ll give it some thought as to how I might be able to make that adjustable!

There is also the option of setting the tension value digitally. The system sets how far that spring should be pulled before it’s considered “stable.” If I tell it to pull less, there will be less tension.


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