Test: simple 3D printed super8 film spool holder

Not perfect, but it works well.
Noticed that there is an enormous size difference between the different spool holders.


Nice work. I am tacking a similar configuration (with a geared stepper) so the motor axle is 8mm diameter (very appropriate for an S8/8mm scanner :slightly_smiling_face:).
I have some film in 8mm and the spools have an 8mm hole, the projector has an adaptor to go from 8 to S8 reel. Is your project only S-8 or would you be doing a similar one for 8mm only?

That’s not my intention as I only have 15 years of Super8 footage.
In addition, the stepper motor I use is the Nema 17 with a 5 mm D-axis.

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