The Missing Link? -- Sound Capture with Hardware


Is there any development or update on this project? This was a fascinating read and the result demonstrated in those short clips are unbelievable!


All hope for Andreas.


Joining in a bit late, after slowly digging through the vast amount of info on this board.

@Andreas, I don’t know what a ZIM project is, and Google isn’t helping me. I’m also hoping to get a chance to use your software to digitize old family memory film reels. Will it be possible to release some software for free use, if making it open source is not an option?



Andreas how are you doing? Any news for us? When will we see your program?


Hi everybody,

@dan74: I’m doing quite well.
What happened to the ZIM project is, that it never started because my job was not safe at that time.
Actually the whole project I was working on was abandoned in January or as they said “suspended” until 2021-23 (but no one really knows). So I am unemployed and looking for a new job now.^^
Maybe that will bring things clear, as there are several multimedia technology enterprises I have applied to.
I do not know how long it will take to release a functional software.
But I will release the matlab source code in its current state, as soon as I have translated all commentaries into English. Maybe that is what I should have done in the first place, year ago.

@ChrisCph: A ZIM project is an option where Germany financially supports projects of middle class enterprises and universities. Actually the project has to be innovative and profit-oriented.
But you can also made money with open source, and not every kind of open source has a strong copyleft.
I still try everything to make the final software open source, even if it is developed for an enterprise.
When it doesn’t work out for an enterprise, than I will made it in my free time.


@Andreas thank you for the update. Hopefully the Matlab code will help us all in getting something going :slight_smile:


On a whim went googling for optical hardware and re-read the description of Cintel’s sound unit. It’s so dreaammmmmy.

Anyone have one of these? Or know someone that does…and might want to get rid of that piece so I can tear into it and see what’s inside???

pic from the Cintel scanner site:


Also, anyone have one of these beauties? Want to hear how you like it.


New version of AEO-Light 2.3.2 - software for extracting optical sound.

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