[v2 dev] Milestone 3 - Lighting

Lighting has a big impact on how a film’s visual information is recorded digitally. We want to make sure we have a light source that is as neutral as possible in color and which is also designed to deliver an even field of light so that there are no “hot spots.”

Research will be done prior to this deadline on the ideal specifications for the lighting design. BKR will then proceed to build and test the system design to work with the camera system.


  • lighting research (to be conducted by a 3rd party contractor)


  • schematics and 3D files for lighting system
  • Guest blog post on lighting research
  • blog post on test results with multiple films

The most uniform light source may also be very easy to implement. An integrating sphere would be relatively easy to fab with a 3D printer. Would require a “white” material, but that’s available.

Thanks @bwrich! I was able to make a very rough prototype for an integrating sphere using a friend’s vacuum forming machine. I produced good results but my LED was not the correct type.

I agree this could be a good approach for v2. I’ve also considered using a columnated lens over the LED but that would require the LED to be at least the size of a 35mm frame and that may not be an economical or practical choice.

I’ll be doing some more research when we get closer to this phase. If you or anyone else has some good research to share, please do!