What happened to kinograph community youtube channel?

Hi, what happened to kinograph community youtube channel?

On youtube it appears as being terminated.


Ya, seems to still be down…weird. I’m sure Matthew will update us on that soon.

Matthew just posted a video update with an explanation of what’s happening with the Youtube site and general progress. Click on “Monthly Update - April 2021” for the video. @kinograph.cc | Linktree

Hi all. Sorry for the reallly late response. I didn’t see this until now. YouTube has still not replied to my multiple requests for more information. I will start a new channel on YouTube at the end of this month and also be cross-posting to Odysee as a backup. Unfortunately, I may not have all the videos that were on there previously but I will dig through my cloud accounts and hope that they are still there somewhere.

New YouTube: Kinograph - YouTube

In addition, all videos will be mirrored on Odysee from now on: Kinograph

Matthew has just posted the “Kinograph May 2021 Update” video on YouTube - check it out!
Also, while you are there, subscribe to the channel so you get notified immediately when new videos are up.

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