Wolverine 8mm machine hacks

Found this today and thought some of you 8mm builders might enjoy seeing what they’re up to: - YouTube

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Here’s another interesting youtube entry. It’s a telecine obviously based on an old tapedeck…:

Realtime Filmscanner

Sprocket-Detection and trigger is done with light trigger.

I watched the entire video and couldn’t help but think these guys should just build their own scanner, there’s hardly any Wolverine left!

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Ha I thought the same thing. How long did it take before you muted that soundtrack :laughing:


Wow. I wonder how he did the frame registration. I’ll leave a comment and see if he’ll tell us.

I’ve been watching a lot of industrial/educational films from the 50’s/60’s lately and the music fit right in, haha!

P.S. - if you want to see a wild gamut of terrible to excellent film transfers, there’s a ton of “British Transport Films” on youtube and, speaking strictly as a cyclist and burgeoning train nerd, they are fascinating.

Anyone happen to have access to this link? It appears to have been made private.

Aw, that sucks. I see the same thing. I’d turn to google search…not helpful, I know :frowning: