YouTube films do not exist

It seems all of my digitized films on YouTube do not exist if you click on the links. Has anyone else experienced this? In my status, I don’t have any “strikes” for copyright violations.

Sorry to hear that! I’ve only had that happen with films that were discovered to be copyright violations. Can you see them in your Creator Studio section of YouTube? What sharing status do they have (Private, Unlisted, Public, etc…)?

I haven’t received any copyright violations. They are listed as Public.I have a Iot of videos still to post but if YouTube is going to delete them I’m going to find a new platform.Yes, I can still see them in video manager.

YT has taken down lots of my things for content and a copyright issue. But they generally inform me.

Try Vimeo, Internet Archive and possibly Dailey Motion (DM was rec to me, never tried it.)

I sent them feedback and they eventually restored my videos.

Wow, an ending I did not expect but am glad to hear that!

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That means you got cool stuff. What sort of films have you collected?

Hi everyone.

I can’t recommend YouTube/Google/Alphabet Inc of course (or any of the other standard go-tos), but I would recommend PeerTube

Overview - GitHub - Chocobozzz/PeerTube: ActivityPub-federated video streaming platform using P2P directly in your web browser

It’s a little tricky to implement but because its federated this opens up a great many useful ways to promote projects/work, grow communities and to feed into other federated platforms. We don’t have an instance yet but we intend to get one (we’ve got a few things that will come together at the same time and PeerTube will be one of those) and in tests we’ve found that buffer times are quicker than YouTube and that picture quality is noticeably better.

Most of all there’s no censorship, it’s not possible for third-party advertisements to interfere with uploads and Alphabet isn’t able to profit from your efforts (profit that ends up funding some quite pernicious tech dev coincidentally)


I collect films of Trains but they usually have cars and trucks in them as well. Also lots of people.