2.0 system diagram

Hi all. I recently had to create a diagram for a potential contractor (fingers crossed for more funding!), and thought I’d share with you.

You will notice a lot of similarities with @VitalSparks’s chart. The PLL was his idea to me long ago and I’m excited to be pursuing it in this version. Thanks to the other internet folks who led me to the PID loop and the motors I ended up selecting.

This represents what I think will make a solid MVP for scanning of 35mm and 16mm film.

Kinograph Flow Diagram.pdf (101.4 KB)


How did you end up selecting your motors? By torque, power?
I ordered some DC brush motors and a couple of encoders to try my hand at making an 8mm kinograph. (I don’t know the distinction between kinograph and a telecine as I use these words interchangeably. Still in learning mode.)