Debayering Point Grey/FLIR

I want to start this topic-specific for debayering Point Grey/FLIR camera’s.

Exporting image file like BMP, TIFF,… doesn’t represent the truth bit depth of the image itself.
With this handy MB pixel calc: Megapixel Calculator can I calculate how much MB it will be when I want to export it on 16BIT.

In this example: Example: 4000x2750 I set the width on 4000 and length on 2750 pixels and together they are 11MP so the Calculate file size on “RAW/DNG 16 bits/pixel” reads 22MB.

So when I use FlyCapture2 set my setting on MODE 10 4000x2750, Pixel Format: YUV422 export under RAW the file size is 20,9 MB so this is almost spot on.

And when I export it under, let’s say BMP the file size is 31,4 MB and it doesn’t matter if I set the Pixel Format on RAW16, YUV422, YUV411 it’s always 31,4 MB and 8Bit.

So now I need to find a way to debayer the RAW files…

Example RAW File: 4000x2750 YUV411 - 15.7 MB
Example RAW File: 4000x2750 YUV422 - 20.9 MB

Camera I use: FL3-U3-88S2C-C

FLIR send me this .CPP file: RawToProcessed.cpp (6 KB)

This is really interesting to work on - I’ve been partial to the debayer methods that are built into the SpinView software so I haven’t gone much further with the raw files themselves. I did a quick test at the office in Resolve (version 12 so I’m a few years out of date!) and RedCineX-Pro (current) and couldn’t get them to interpret the Flir raw file at all, but ImageJ/Fiji was able to open it albeit without any particular control over the debayer settings.