Mike Reilly's Kinograph Design

Was hoping someone might have the parts/design for Mike Reilly’s design shown here:

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That’s based on the v1 of Kinograph, and the parts/instructions are here: Kinograph V0.1 - DIY Film Scanner/Telecine - Machine Assembly : 9 Steps - Instructables

I noticed that Mike has a few extra components which greatly improve the design. Was hoping someone here might know what they are or where I could find them. I’ve tried to reach out to Mike directly, but haven’t been able to get in touch.

Hey there. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him post any specifics on what he added other than what is in the slide presentation he posted in the forums (as @AACALibrary).

If you’re thinking of building a Kinograph, you may want to wait until v2 design is finished. My goal is end of 2018. I’m going to be spending some time this week putting together a production plan and publishing it here on the forums so people know what to expect in terms of timing and approach.

Sorry that isn’t much help to you immediately.


Outside of building the v2 of the kino, below is some of the info for the build we made.

I made a post about our build and the details are in the reply. Here at the AACA Library we've finished our short film about our version of the kinograph

You can also view the dropbox link here that details some more info. Dropbox - Movie Machine Files and Pics - Simplify your life

Or shoot me an email or call the library and ask for Mike. 717-534-2082


Thanks, Mike!

The only final question I have is: what kind of camera and lens did you use?


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No worries. We grabbed the Panasonic GX8 with an olympus macro lens. There might be a better option out there now. There were arguably better options at the time, but the price point on that one was right for us. It has a full electronic shutter/silent shooting along with the option of a remote clicker to take the pics and sync up to the arduino. Still images are in the 4k range as well. We use it at the library for video and photos and it takes a really great picture. Video on it is really good too.

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I’ve been looking over your videos and am very impressed with the overall design–and excited to see where it goes. My main question is: how do you think V2 will compare, cost-wise, to V1? Maybe I’m being ridiculous by saying this (and probably because I’m a millennial with an outrageous amount of student loan debt), but V1 is out of budget for me. Just wondering if there will be any cost savings with V2 crosses fingers anxiously

Thanks for all your hard work, Matt!

Hi @Clevelandfilm. Somehow I never got the notification that you posted this. V2 will likely be equivalent in price to build, unfortunately. But I’m hoping it will spark some passionate hackers to rip apart the design and make it even cheaper. There have been some other designs on the forums but mostly for 8mm so far.

If you’re trying to scan 16mm, I’d recommend trying to convert a projector to a scanner. There are a few good projects online that detail how they do it. That would be a much cheaper option. Just be sure not to run any shrunken film through the projector (old film that has changed shape over time) or it will likely destroy it!