Murder on the screen

Here is an old timer on film and projection. (22 min)

These ‘projection’ films are pretty rare from what I can tell. Although I’ve only been around 16mm for a few years I’ve looked through over 10,000 reels of 16mm and many thousand reels of 8mm and have never seen any of the actual films on these subjects. Only digital copies.

I’ve never seen anything like that. My favorite part is when the guy who splices in the commercials is talking about the care he takes when running the print through the counter. He’s talking about how careful he is and there’s a cigarette sitting just below the film. Haha. Cool find!

Me either.

I have a series about projection and film handling at my blog. 6 films in the series.

If I can ever get this film scanning figured out I have many hundreds fantastic reels in the archive to put online.

Looking forward to seeing how it goes, @danielteolijr. Would love to see posts about your progress along the way. Good luck!

Film is fascinating stuff! I will have to remember to send things in. I came to this forum to see if I could buy a affordable 16mm sound scanner. I don’t have the skill to build things. My skill is in still photography and acquiring archival material. If I had the $$ I would just get it all done commercially. But hundreds of thousands $$ to scan it all.

Here is the first film I had done commercially $160 plus some extras $ to get it done. I’ve learned some since then, but just beginning to learn. Knew nothing about cine’ or video.